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All serious poets, writers, and poetic enthusiasts should register for this app. The World Poetry Directory by Poet Publishers of America will be the #1 resource for Corporations, corporate sponsors, schools, educators,nigh-clubs, entertainers, and fans when they seek out new age poetry. With all due respect to the poets of the yesteryear, this directory features a mix of poetic youth and new age poetry geared towards the current population and demographics of the region.

The Google Play store has reached over 70 Billion downloads. The Apple App store has over 50 billion downloads.

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This app will link to your social media pages. It indexes poetes by State, Region, and Zipcode. The first of it's kind. It is for the serious poet who wants world recognition for his/her poetic endeavors, as well as an opportunity to expand the reach of their brand.

Available Spring 2017. Sponsors, corporations, schools, educators, artists, and fans will use this app as the #1 source for new age Poetry.

Poet Publishers of America is a leading sponsor and publisher of poetry works.

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Thank you Poet Publishers for allowing all poets this opportunity. Your app will grow my brand and give me millions of new sources of fans.

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