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Ronnie Poet Quotes

Ronnie Poet Quotes

Poetry Club: Poetry Club Awards for Poetic Talent

What are the benefits of joining the free Poetry Club of Poet Publishers of America? Why should I become a Poetry Club member? Unlike many other other poetry clubs, we are an online Poetry Club of poets, writers, novelists, and self-employed poet publishers with a mass synergy of creativity. We offer free Poetry Club memberships to all Poets, Writers, and Authors. All you need to do is register, and you are approved. Simple. Easy. Free. At the same time, we also offer our ambitious Poetry Club members a service that will enhance their marketing efforts on Amazon, eBay, and other outlets where that used to sell e-books, review e-books, and sell novels, or written works. We offer paid Poetry Club memberships as well as monthly Poetry Prizes for students and adults.

Poetry Membership Benefits

Poetry Membership Benefits

How to Use your Poetry Club Membership in Poetry Publishers of America

You can use your Poetry Club membership in Poetry Publishers as a means to promote and share your creative works, and to discuss issues of importance to writers, authors, and poets. At the same time, you can use your Poetry Club membership to help grow your fan base increase your e-book, and Amazon sales, and network with other poets, writers, and authors.View this link as an example of our promotions:

To get started, simply select the level of Poetry Club membership you prefer. We have several FREE levels of Poetry Club memberships, as well as paid Poetry Club Authorships that allows ambitious poets, writers, and authors to promote their e-books, poetry, writings, and other creative works via commercial links.

Poetry Club Member Benefits include Discounted Authorship Fee

When you simply sign-up as a Poetry Club member of Poetry Publishers of America, we provide a discount for paid Authorship levels. Some E-book promoters are charging as much as $20/month, and many charge at least $60/month for helping poets, authors, and writers promote their creative works. We offer more services, have an expanded mobile website, and we are growing our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) As we grow, we help you prosper. For less than 20 bucks, you get the full benefits of joining the Poetry Club of Poet Publishers of America!

Please compare the value of our Poetry Club offers and the poetry, writing, and creative services we provide vs. the high monthly prices of other promoters of e-books.

24-Hour Cash Loans for Poets, Authors, and Writers

Poets, authors, and writers of all socioeconomic backgrounds always face this daunting question when it comes to financial matters: Do I have enough funds to finance my next poetry, writing, or creative project? Unfortunately, for many of us struggling poets, and writers, the answer is no. We are here to help. We help our members arrange for easy to get loans, and financing. We ave partnerships with companies that can work with poets, and writers.


  1. I have just been informed by Ronnie Poet about Poet Publishers of America . It is good to have a good platform for poets of the world and extend all co-operation and help to the poet community of the world. We all need to come together and join this organisation.
    Thank you so much to all members.

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