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Poetry Publishing on Mobile Phone

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Poetry Publishing by Mobile Application

Poetry Publishing by Mobile Application

The 2015 Poetry Mobile App. The above table represents the explosive popularity of app downloads across the world. The table DOES NOT represent the revenue of Poet Publishers of America, or any particular company. However, it does represent the fact that apps are very popular, and represents the strong demand for mobile apps. Poetry Publishing via mobile apps is a real possibility for poets and writers. We are now taking registrations for serious ambitious poets and writers who want to jump-start their poetic dreams and make a lucrative income. Who wants to expand their poetry sales in 2015? Who wants to make serious money for their poetry talent in 2015? Who is tired of waiting and waiting for the right moment to publish their poems? Who wants to get started in publishing their poems today?? If you are not sure if you are ready to succeed then this website is not for you. Poet Publishers of America is for active, get-up, and knock-on doors type of Poet Publishers. We help poets who help themselves. When you help yourself, we help you even more.

Old Way of Poetry Publishing vs. New way of Poetry Publishing Poetry.

We all know the routine with traditional poetry publishing. A poet or writers is asked to submit their work to literary magazines. By reaching out to magazines and literary journals, poetry publishing covers and reaches out to editors, agents, and other poets. However, using this route there is a high risk of rejection. A beginning poet is almost certainly going to face rejection at first. However, the persistent poet should continue to send out manuscripts to get noticed. After so many years or months, a good poetry publisher will notice your creative poetic works. The key for old-fashioned poetry publishing is that most poetry editors are overwhelmed with poetry submissions.

Mobile App is the new way of Poetry Publishing

Poet Publishers of America keeps up with the latest new trends. We have a Google-Plus page, Twitter page, Facebook page, and Pinterest page. We prefer the new away of poetry publishing. Our new 2015 Poetry Mobile App is now accepting submissions from old, new, and inexperienced poets. The app will be available for free to millions, but will be a great tool to introduce your creative poetry works to prospective main-stream store-front poetry publishers as well as poetry consumers. Over 80 billion mobile apps have been downloaded by Google Play and Apple iTune susers ver the past 4 years alone. This figure will reach 100 billion by the end of 2015. It is time for serious, legitimate, and ambitious poets to step their game up. Our new 2015 Mobile Poetry app has the benefit of the marketing muscle of Poet Publishers of America, as well as the dynamic platforms provided by Google Play, Apple, Inc., Samsung, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google-Plus, etc.

Poetry Publishing: Nothing worthy of success is ever free



The 2015 Poet Publishers of America Mobile app is now accepting pre-paid submissions for Mobile Insertion spots on our 2015 Mobile Poetry App to be released in March 2015. We allow poets and writers to showcase three of their best poetic writings. The pre-paid submission fee covers the editing, coding, and insertion of the poetry submissions. There are no other fees!! The cost to consumers is free as long as we have paying pre-paid submissions. Reserve your Mobile App position now before reservations close. Invest in your success!! We anticipate a great demand for quality poetry, quality quotes, and quality writings! When you invest in yourself, we promote you even more. Only when you succeed, are we we satisfied! No one can help you unless you first help yourself!! For a small one-time RSVP fee of less than $25.00, you poetry will be marketed across the vast Google Play Store,Apple Itunes, and more mobile market places. No Starbucks drink can do that!

How Do I Get My Poetry Published on the 2015 World Poetry Mobile App being Developed for Poet Publishers of America?

The procedure to get your poetry published is really simple. We have outlined the steps below.

  • Mobile Poetry Publishing-Step 1 Submit a payment via Paypal. This will record your email address.
  • Mobile Poetry Publishing-Step 2Wait for your payment to be acknowledged and processed { this usually takes 48 hours}
  • Mobile Poetry Publishing-Step 1 Poet Publishers of America will register you as a Mobile 2015 Poet Publisher. You will create a profile on the Poet Publishers of America network. You can always change your email address. You will also be allowed to make toll-free phone calls to speak with a Poet Publisher’s representative. Upload your three best poetic works. Those poetic works, and your profile information is what will be displayed in the app. You can change, edit, or correct the profile within 72 hours of launch date.

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